August 25th, 2018
For years, we have dreamt apart, then together. Dreamt of experiences awaiting us. Pulling us towards day dreams, of distant lands, rich culture.

This life we have built is beautiful, adventurous, full of experiences and people we love. Gratitude overwhelms, as we ponder the gift we have been living. And for that, it is hard to leave. Uprooting a living thing does not come without distress. Parts wilt and may need pruning, but once it is transplanted, growth can begin. Comfort is easy, following is easy, anything worth doing is tough, and sometimes the fight is the journey. Relentless courage reminds us, this life is not to be wasted. What is the dream that pulls you? There is a time for everything, for us it’s now, that dream of travel. As the tide sways, winds fluctuate, rocks turn, roots lift. We embrace to unknown, with open hearts, and open arms.