Breaking away from the 9 to 5

Thorove is a collaboration between two ideas. Rachael always found herself drawn to the word 'Rove'. For her, rove means wandering to places that inspires and satisfying curiosities. Dan finds himself lost in books often. Usually reading 2 books at once, it's not surprising he draws inspiration from literature. Although Henry David Thoreau did not travel a lot himself, he writes about the importance of travel frequently. With quotes like, "There is, however, this consolation to the most way-worn traveler, upon the dustiest road, that the path his feet describe is so perfectly symbolical of human life" inspire people to let go of fear, expect the unexpected, and realize these are characteristics of living a full human life. As we continue to travel, our lives become more intertwined thus our defining characteristics that make us individuals mesh to the unified 'Us'.